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For a dash of colour, spunk and sexiness, there is no substitute to nail polish. Your fingers become an extension to your colourful personality with nail polish. A woman can be in any sort of mood, good, bad or even depressed, and nail paint can instantly ‘colour’ her mood and change it completely. Nail colour is also one of the few makeup accessories that has few, or even no rules, and is perfect for every occasion and location, including the boardroom. These days there are as many shades of nail polish as the number of colours you can imagine. Combining nail paint or wearing a different shade on each finger is also a trend that is wildly popular. Nail art designs from the artistic to the quirky are also the order of the day. It is after all, your canvas, so go on and have a blast. Nail polish tips: Painting your nails may seem simple, but you need to be careful to achieve the best results. Here are a series of simple steps by which you will be able to paint your nails yourself, making it look you’ve had them professionally done. • Pamper your hands to a manicure. • Before actually applying the colour, ensure you use acetylene or a good quality nail paint remover, with a swab of cotton to ensure that the surface of the cuticle is clean and free of any prior colour or impurities. • Dry your nail surface with another cotton swab and apply a transparent base coat. This ensures that your nail surface is coated well and ready for the first coat. • Apply the first coat of nail polish very carefully with the brush. Spread the coat evenly and let it dry. • Once dry, apply a second and third coat, thereby solidifying the colour and shading. • Once dry, apply one last transparent coat carefully, thereby adding sheen and locking in the already applied colour coat. This is a slightly long drawn process but the results completely justify the extra effort and the coat, as you will discover lasts longer without cracking or peeling off. Types of nail polish: While most nail polishes online have the same kind of physical look in terms of the bottles, they come in a variety of finishes and shade types like gloss, reflective, matte and others. Glitter and matte finishes are extremely popular. Matte shades are known to last a tad bit longer and are highly recommended for the workplace or formal occasions as they do not shimmer and are understated according to the mood of the event. For parties, events and weddings, glam shades, corals, and even glitter are highly recommended considering the show factor and the fact that the occasions themselves are all about festivities. Major Brands: The world of nail art, nail colour and designs is a hotly contested one with a plethora of brands retailing a number of colours. Some of the important brands available on include Maybelline, Streetwear, Lakme, Faces, Lotus Herbals, L’Oreal and several others.

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