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There are differnt looks that one can achieve with a eye liner. Does this vary with vary with the size & shape of brush?

Asked by - nehabhamburdekar | 08-12-2012 | View Answers(16) | Answer This Question


How do i get smoky look

whats better to use a kajal or a eyeliner?

Asked by - darshanap_17 | 16-04-2013 | View Answers(13) | Answer This Question


Which is the best eyeliner for price below 500?

Asked by - manish.taneja | 21-10-2013 | View Answers(15) | Answer This Question


Any makeup tips for small eyes?

Asked by - Anonymous | 18-09-2013 | View Answers(13) | Answer This Question


Can you give tips to create smokey eye look?

Asked by - Anonymous | 18-09-2013 | View Answers(5) | Answer This Question


Please recommend daily makeup regime for office going women.

Asked by - Anonymous | 07-12-2013 | View Answers(10) | Answer This Question


I have small eyes. Please suggest how to do everyday eye makeup, so that they appear bigger.

Asked by - Anonymous | 07-12-2013 | View Answers(9) | Answer This Question


Finest line

Which eyeliner gives a thinner line? Colossal Kajal, Eyeconic or Revlon?

Asked by - bornika.roy | 22-01-2014 | View Answers(6) | Answer This Question


Which eyeliner online shopping India is in demand liquid eyeliner or the smudgeproof eyeliner?

Which brands eyeliner online shopping India is good?

Asked by - Anonymous | 03-03-2014 | View Answers(1) | Answer This Question
Eyeliner :
Eyeliner comes in almost all the colours. Some of them give a glitter effect too. Eyeliner can be applied through a brush or a retractable twist pen. It is applied around the contours of the eye to create a variety of aesthetic illusions. It helps you achieve your gothic look.Purplle.com has eyeliners of brands like L’Oreal, Lakme, Lotus Herbals etc.

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