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Gillette Fusion 8 Cartridges + Free Shaving Gel
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Gillette Fusion 8 Cartridges + Free Shaving Gel

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1299 Inclusive Of All Taxes
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Quick Overview

5 blade shaving surface and 1 precision trimmer.


  • Now you can get that immaculate and flawless shave in a jiffy
  • From the stable of Gillette the world’s leading shaving kit manufacturer comes yet another innovative and state-of-the-art blade in the form of Gillette Fusion Cartridges
  • The art of shaving has been refined by Gillette in terms of comfort and ease
  • The reinforced Lubrastrip which is placed at the top of the razor releases lubricants which makes your shaving an easier task
  • One of the feature of this blade which leaves its contemporaries behind is its blade
  • The 5 blade cartridge delivers a closer, more comfortable shave
  • The Precision Trimmer which is located at the rear of the blade is the perfect tool to deal with tricky spots like under your chin and sideburns so that your skin is smooth and abundant with radiance
  • This pack comes with 8 cartridges and you can use either foam or paste for the best result

Price Of Gillette Fusion 8 Cartridges + Free Shaving Gel Online In India - 1299 .



How is gillette fusion power 4 cartridges?

Is gillette fusion power 4 cartridges worth a buy?

Asked by - Anonymous | 18-03-2014 | View Answers(3) | Answer This Question