3 Ground Floor RNA Shopping Arcade Lokhandwala complex Opp.Highpointrestaurant Andheri Lokhandwala Mumbai - 400053 Maharashtra



490 for Men Hair Cut   490 for Women Hair Cut   1800 for a Facial   


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BRIANSBARMAN... reviewed on 28-09-2014
This is one of the place I keep visiting for their trained and professional care. It feels that I am more groomed now once I get out of the Salon each time. Recommended. Other advantage is that if you are a fan of this chain , you can look for their outlet in almost all big cities. Better than all other local spa/salons.

KRITISHARMA... reviewed on 08-06-2013
One of the most unusual things that I've recently come across is walking into a mall and bumping into a line of people, waiting to get a haircut at a small booth set up inside. Later, when I discovered that the booth was of Jawed Habib fame, I knew why the line never stopped growing. Marketing men would agree that a brand name leaves quite an impression on the people. Similar was the effect on me. So, while surfing on Purplle.com, salon site, I got a voucher for a free haircut at Jawed Habib salon, ,Lokhandwala. I have always been a bit skeptical of trying new places so I took a friend along. The place was pretty easy to spot amidst the Lokhandwala shops and in no time we got parking as well. As we entered, there was a blast of chilly air and we were handed glasses of cold water as soon as we took seats. Especially with the sun blaring in Mumbai, this was a blessing. The salon looked pretty neat with an efficient interior, bollywood music that doesn’t make anyone feel out of place and a very hospitable environment. In no time, our stylist Altaf arrived and led us downstairs for the haircut. He seemed like a really courteous young guy who made it a point to ask my friend’s permission before doing anything to his hair. Before he started with the hair cut, he made sure to get information like how does my friend travel, whether he wears a helmet, what products does he use and how many times, etc. My friend told him what he expected his hair to look like and keeping that in mind, Altaf gave a few suggestions about how they should go about it. Finally when they had decided on a course of action, the hair washing and cutting started. In the end my friend almost wanted to get rid of half his side locks and Altaf launched into an in depth reasoning of why he should choose to do just that! I must say, I half expected him to say ‘OK Sir’ and get on with it, but the way he didn’t budge from his point, had me impressed. Most of all, I fell in love with the range of styling products that were kept on the shelves. What he used on my friend was a Schwarzkopf Osis+ Mess Up Gel that did wonders to his already well cut hair. There are pictures to check that out! Another thing I noticed was that almost everyone from the staff greeted us while going down and coming back up. This is something I have hardly seen people do, you generally don’t exist for them unless you’re giving them a tip.All in all, I had a good personal experience and now know that I can trust these people with my hair; I got a comfortably huge chair to sit in and watch the hair cut, my friend is finally happy with the way his hair looks after a very long time and I’m definitely going to get myself a haircut next time I go.

BARKHA... reviewed on 15-05-2013
Ever since my teens i was suffering from acne problem. Some said it was because of chocolates some said because of oil well whatever the reason be... the bottom line was i was severely attacked by acne. And obviously i was desperately looking for a remedy. So while surfing on net i saw this menu of Jawed Habib Salon listed at purplle.com/finder. In this menu i saw an acne treatment so i immediately got an appointment fixed for the same. I got this treatment done and honestly it did make a lot of difference.I really likes this treatment!

NITYASINGH19... reviewed on 03-04-2013
My hair color turned out FABULOUS. I felt like I was treated very well, and was so relieved to find a professional stylist I could trust in Habib, as I'm new to the area. I'm pretty picky about my hair color, highlighting, covering grey hair, etc. and she made it come out just BEAUTIFUL. Very pleased and will consider myself a repeat client.


  • Jawed Habib salons offer a full range of hair and beauty services carrying the hall mark of quality that is synonymous with Jawed Habib.The ambience of the salons reflect the passion and warmth of Jawed Habib. When you walk into one of the Jawed Habib salons, the ambience and personalised services ensures client satisfaction. We don't just cut hair; we feel and understand and customise styles to suit your personality and life style, says Jawed.Jawed Habib is one of the leading Hair & Beauty salon chains in India, currently operating 179 salons across 21 states and 90 cities in the country.