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Hair Accessories Q&A
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If one needs to use a hair dryer for 6 hours a day, which company's hair dryer should one prefer?

What features should one look for in such a scenario?

Asked by - manish.taneja | 26-08-2012 | View Answers(2) |Answer This Question


Does blow drying one's hair damage them?

Philips, Panasonic, Remington, Mumbai?

Asked by - manish.taneja | 01-09-2012 | View Answers(6) |Answer This Question


Can you suggest hair styles for straight hair?

Asked by - Anonymous | 08-07-2013 | View Answers(2) |Answer This Question


How to safely use a hot air styler on hair everyday? What kind of precautions should be taken?

Asked by - Anonymous | 21-11-2013 | View Answers(2) |Answer This Question


Which all brands sells hair curler online?

Now a days, curling the hair has become a trend and for that I need to get a hair curler online.

Asked by - Anonymous | 27-01-2014 | View Answers(1) |Answer This Question


Does hair rollers online India are same as the one which are sold in abroad?

The hair rollers online India are looking same but little confused.

Asked by - Anonymous | 27-01-2014 | View Answers(1) |Answer This Question


What is the difference between tong and hair curler?

Asked by - Anonymous | 19-02-2014 | View Answers(1) |Answer This Question


Which is the most popular hair curlers online?

Are the hair curlers online comes in good quality?

Asked by - Anonymous | 03-03-2014 | View Answers(2) |Answer This Question


Which are the top selling hair straighteners online?

Asked by - Anonymous | 19-03-2014 | View Answers(1) |Answer This Question


Do I get discounts on hair straighteners online at purplle?

hair straighteners online

Asked by - Anonymous | 04-04-2014 | View Answers(1) |Answer This Question


Which are the best hair straighteners online?

As i am thinking to buy hair straighteners online..

Asked by - Anonymous | 07-04-2014 | View Answers(1) |Answer This Question

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